WHO is Lindsay Prigge?

Lindsay and her husband have lived in the Village of Barrington for nearly four years and have three beautiful children in the Barrington public school district. Prior to focusing full time on raising her children, Lindsay spent over 10 years working in finance in the public sector.

You will find her engaging the community at countless events, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, and running the parent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion bookclub through the Lines Elementary PTO. She has rallied community members to reach out to school board and district leadership to protect the right to read and is passing on her passion for reading and knowledge to her kids at the local, nationally-ranked Barrington Area Library. During Lindsay’s campaign and beyond, you can expect honesty, authenticity, and inclusive leadership for all members of the Barrington community. 

WHAT does a Library Trustee do?

A Library Trustee is tasked with:

  • Living the values embodied in Barrington Public Library’s Mission Statement by working tirelessly to provide equal opportunity for everyone to access, share, and create information, and maintain a welcoming and inclusive community center, connecting its patrons to educational, recreational, and technological resources that enhance their lives.
  • Advocating for library resources and overseeing library finances.
  • Advising and supporting library administration and staff.
  • Ensuring the rights of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely.
  • Preparing, approving, and reviewing library policies.
  • Promoting the benefits of the Barrington Public Library’s resources and opportunities through relationships with the public, civic organizations and public officials.
  • Working with the community to determine the library’s strategic direction.
  • Hiring and partnering with a talented and qualified director that aligns with the Barrington Public Library’s mission and values.

WHY vote for Lindsay?

Like most American communities, Barrington has not been spared from the effects of a multi-year pandemic and global market instability. We struggle with inflation anxiety while visiting our gas stations and grocery stores. We see empty store fronts in our village as the costs of doing business remain unpredictable. Our students are still recovering from learning loss while remaining vulnerable to behavioral health issues and substance abuse disorders. Lindsay believes the Barrington Area Library can play an essential role in lifting up the hardest hit parts of our communities through innovative partnerships with our neighbors and business owners, such as:

  • Working with our school districts to create book kits focused on increasing literacy at all levels.
  • Partnering with local nonprofits that offer addiction support services to make awareness literature and family support resources available, as well as offer a venue for hosting speakers to educate our community on the warning signs of drug abuse and depression.
  • Ensuring that the community’s interests and needs are reflected in how taxpayer funds allocated to the library are spent.
  • Hosting small business workshops for our community’s entrepreneurs on accounting basics, marketing tools, and social media.

Lindsay is well-positioned to bring her proven financial acumen to this role with fiscally responsible planning that will keep the library’s budget balanced. She is invested in preserving the library that has won yet another prestigious 4 Star Award from the Library Journal. You can count on her to be a link between the library and ALL of our community members; those right here in the Village of Barrington, north to Tower Lakes, east in Deer Park, and over in Carpentersville. She will advocate for expanding services to the underserved areas of our community including those with disabilities, senior citizens, people of color, and those who identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Most of all, Lindsay will uphold the Barrington Area Library’s mission to provide open access to information and resources, resist censorship, and use the library’s resources to enhance the lives of all of our community members.  

WAYS to get involved:

Sign up to volunteer

Donate to Lindsay’s Campaign